BlockCard offers one of the most competitive crypto back rewards in the industry thanks to the UNBNK staking program.  UNBNK Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to gain access to rewards features on BlockCard, based on the amount of UNBNK you stake. 

The process of staking UNBNK to earn rewards is easy.

  1. Fund your BlockCard account using the "Deposit" page within your BlockCard account.
  2. Once your funds have appeared under your "Spendable Balance" you can now decide how much to stake.
  3. Click the "Rewards" page within your BlockCard account and select which tier you want.  You must have the corresponding amount of UNBNK under your "spendable balance" to be approved for the tier you select.  For example: You can only select 6% if you have 145,000 UNBNK or more in your BlockCard account.
  4. Once selected, your UNBNK will be deducted from your spendable balance and staked until you chose to withdraw your UNBNK.

Crypto back rewards are issued on almost every merchant purchase you make.  You will see the rewards reflected under the "Rewards Transactions" tab under "Rewards" page

Your "Rewards" are based off the spend you make on BlockCard and are automatically contributed back to your "Staked" UNBNK pool.  We want to help you save more!   That means if you Stake 120,000 UNBNK (5% Rewards Tier) and earn 60,000 UNBNK in Rewards, you will be automatically upgraded to the 6% Tier because your total Staked balance is now 180,000 UNBNK.

Withdrawing UNBNK or Spending Rewards

You can withdraw your Staked UNBNK at any time and it will be credited to your BlockCard Spendable Balance at the beginning of the following month.   For example: If you withdraw in the middle of April you will receive your withdrawn amount on May 1st. 

The best part of BlockCard is that you earn rewards, on your rewards!  This compounding is very powerful and enables top tier rewards holders to earn 6.38% back on everything they purchase.  

You can learn more about BlockCard crypto back rewards on our website.